» Professional creative+technical solutions for web and print
– enabling organisations and small businesses to start up fast, develop well.

» Professional creative+technical solutions for web and print
– enabling organisations and small businesses to start up fast, develop well.

Keeping your customer base well-informed

A good newsletter keeps your constituents active. With today's electronic delivery, the expense – and hassle – is reduced to a minimum.


Your past and current customers are your most likely future customers. You want to keep them up-to-speed with your services. For that, a well-maintained electronic mailing list, which is best grown organically, is crucial. A message about your recent and forthcoming activities once every 2-3 months is usually a good frequency for a small business – you stay in the mind and reveal some personality without intruding unduly.

Build the publishing cycle into your schedule – you want to have mainly new, topical content each time and inform rather than sell. That way you minimize the risk of people reaching for the unsubscribe link!

IDStream can:

  • develop an identity for your newsletter, in keeping with your house style
  • create each newsletter, customizing the layout, including optimization or creation of graphics and photos where appropriate
  • provide quality native English editing, copywriting or localization from Dutch
  • personalized mailings to your subscribers (including free maintenance of your mailing list of up to 1,000) – or delivery of html code for your own mailing


de Hart Cirkel

De Hart Cirkel organizes inspiring events, workshops and talks with leading speakers and expert practitioners in Bergen, North Holland. A large and organically growing list of contacts needs to be kept informed.

IDstream developed the style, custom designs each newsletter, maintains the list and mails several times a month to subscribers.

 Holistic Stretching & Shiatsu

Practitioner David Lonsdale saved considerable time, hassle and expense – and gained much better exposure – when he changed from sending out a physical mailing once a year to regular e-mailings.

It's the perfect way to announce forthcoming workshops (and report on recent ones), changes to lesson schedules, new CD products and so on – along with the occasional in-depth article on an aspect of yoga or shiatsu.

People can easily join the list, maintained by IDstream, by signing up for the newsletter or when ordering products, treatments or classes via the website.

The leading exponent of Vocal Dance and Voice Movement Integration runs regular courses each year, so from time to time her presentation needs to be refreshed while keeping the recognizable spirit.

Patricia maintains the mailing list and sends the mailings.
IDstream puts the photoshopped graphics online and provides the email-ready html to copy and paste.

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